Welcome To Cloaks+

The ultimate character customization tool for Minecraft. Flex on the noobs like never before.

Open Source

The Cloaks+ installer is open source and available on Github

Easy To Use

Install it in seconds without the use of mods!

Cross Client

Cloaks+ works on any client with Optifine installed


At Cloaks+, we believe in free cloaks - for everyone. Not only do we have a vast catalog of designs for you to choose from, but the creative and expanding community creates cloaks every day for anyone to use.

Using our templates, you can even make it yourself!



Customize your character like never before with our expansive lineup of cosmetics available through our Discord Server Shop.

Whether you're expressing your inner feelings or flexing on the noobs, we've got what you need.



Cloaks+ is driven by our Discord community where we the people decide what happens next. When the power is in your hands, you get to decide the future of Cloaks+ and see it come to life.


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