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Welcome to Cloaks+

Providing you with awesome free capes!

Download Using MacOs or Linux?
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Open Source

The Cloaks+ Installer is open source and available on Github.

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Easy to Use

Cloaks+ is Simple and easy install that only takes a few seconds and doesn't require any mods!

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Cross Client

Our unique system allows Cloaks+ to work with any client that uses Optifine.


Cloaks+ gives everyone access to capes completely for free. You can choose one from our catalog, or upload your own.


Customize your character like never before with our expansive lineup of cosmetics for our supporters.


Cloaks+ runs entirely within a discord server where you can upload custom capes and add cosmetics to your character.

Video Tutorial

Here's a quick little tutorial to get you started with Cloaks+

Our Partners

Wepwawet Hosting

Wepwawet Hosting

Wepwawet Hosting provides high quality server hosting and dedicated support for all of their customers.



Just a great guy making great Minecraft content.

Solo makes it simple to set up a page with all of your links.

Using MacOS or Linux?

Cloaks+ works on these platforms too! However its installation is different to the windows installation. Join our discord using the button below and visit the #💾︱downloads channel

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