About Us

Cloaks+ is a community driven project with lots of people behind it. We rely on the help of many individuals on our staff team and we couldn't operate with out them. Below are our most vital and committed staff members.

atlas's Avatar


Owner / Lead Designer / Product Manager

Hey everyone! I oversee all operations behind the project and make my vision come to life with our amazing team. I love this project and enjoy working with the team to build something great. And as always, thank for using Cloaks+ <3

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Owner / Lead Developer

Hi end users! I am the lead developer for Cloaks+, and I do all of the work behind the scenes that makes free capes possible. I not only write lots of code, but I also manage our team of amazing developers. If you would like to join the development team let me know on Discord <3

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Partners Manager / Executive

Hi, I'm Henta. I have been with Cloaks+ since week-one and plan to keep helping onwards. I manage the partners at Cloaks+ and work on the Forestblock server. DMs will always be open!

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HR Manager / Executive

I am sourceless. I am human. I am HR.

Is it right to feel concerned.

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Executive / Design Team Manager

Hey, I'm Promax and I manage the design team as well as make tons of designs that you can find in our catalog. I make sure that every cloak you see is as great as it can be. I do pixel art for many projects, so be sure to check out my solo.to.

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Web Marketing Manager

1 year veteran of Cloaks+ and very handsome. I run the web marketing and video production with atlas, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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Bot Manager / Web Developer

Hi, I'm Pekay! I work on many projects and help with the general development of Cloaks+. With a main focus on the Discord bot I make sure that the user experience and community is as great as it can be!

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Moderation and Verification Manager

Hey guys! I'm Trinidad, and I oversee the moderation and verification team here at Cloaks+. I've been with Cloaks+ for over a year now.

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Java Developer

Hey! I'm Zeo. I'm your typical introvert. I work on various things on the project like our Minecraft servers and other Java development.