requires Optifine

Install Notes

Here are some things to help you out with using Cloaks+. We've even made a short tutorial video that explains the whole process in depth.


Cloaks+ runs entirely through our Discord bot, so if you're not already in the server, make sure you join before you install.

If you're looking for just a basic setup, the #quick-start channel should explain everything you need to know. If you need more help, simply watch the tutorial below.


In order to make sure that everyone is only modifying their own account, you need to veryify it. Verifying is now easier than ever before: simply join our Minecraft server at, and click the link to link your account to Discord.


Need help? We've got your back. If you have questions, problems, or concerns about our service, head over to the Discord, and make use of the #support channel, or simply make a ticket in #ticket.


On Windows, simply open the installer app, and click Uninstall to remove Cloaks+ from your system.

On Mac or Linux, run the terminal command again, but modify the last parameter at the end of the command, and replace install with uninstall.